We are grateful to EAI Technologies of McLean, VA for helping sponsor the 2018 Maker Faire NoVa!

EAI is a boutique software development firm built on trusted relationships with our clients.  EAI has created lasting partnerships with our customers by developing innovative product offerings on a fixed price basis that accelerate time-to-market. They take an innovative, two-tiered approach to working with our clients and partners. They take the time to know their clients before applying technology to practically address their needs. That allows EAI to customize every single project they work on to the unique needs of that specific client. They excel in creating a trusted partnerships that allow them to work iteratively with clients to address sudden or unexpected changes to their requirements without additional cost or delays.

Since landing their first client, EAI has helped countless companies find innovative solutions to their technology needs, and continue to find new and exciting ways in which we can innovate in the tech landscape.