“Our mission is to empower our members with the vision, leadership, and resources to achieve success, while contributing to the economic growth and quality of life in our business community.”

The 6th Annual MakerFaire is pleased to welcome the Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce as a sponsor. Throughout the CFCC’s existence the goal has always been the same; help members maximize their business opportunities and make our community the most “business friendly environment” possible. Board members represent not only dedicated local business owners and leaders, but community leaders, including the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority and Board of Supervisors, City of Fairfax Economic Development Authority and City of Fairfax Management; all with a focused passion to make our business community and environment even better.

The CFCC is committed to maximizing the value proposition of membership by listening to members and delivering the right services to make the CFCC the best possible investment for you and your business, regardless of the economy!