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Maker Faire NoVa is organized and produced by an all volunteer team and sponsored by Reston’s own maker space, NOVA Labs (501c3). The faire is a lot of work but we love what we do! Come join us.
We need hundreds of volunteers to help run the faire including set-up the day before all the way through tear-down after the faire ends.
Volunteering is a great way to enjoy the Faire!  And we will ensure you get your service hours. You’ll get a few perks too, including a free Maker Faire NoVa T-Shirt, free admission, and access to the Faire before and after public hours. It’s  a wonderful chance to meet the awesome Makers, socialize and make a difference!
If you have any questions, please email us at contact@makerfairenova.com

Volunteer Requirements

  • Volunteers must alert the Maker Faire volunteer coordinator if they will not be able to attend the event a minimum of one week before the Faire. This policy is needed because in most volunteer positions, we count on volunteers to show up for their shift otherwise major difficulties can ensue. For example, our Registration and Ticket sales volunteers are critical during our peak hours. And our volunteers that help makers who need a break or lunch are also critical to the success of the faire. If you can not commit to being present for your shift, please do not sign up. Instead, come volunteer next year.
  • Volunteers may be re-assigned to other activities as the Maker Faire organizing team determines our needs on the day of the Faire. We strive to ensure you get to work the area you sign up for, but we appreciate your flexibility and understanding if we need to assign you to another activity/area if we determine we have a need.

Sign up to Volunteer at the 2024 Maker Faire NoVa

All volunteer slots are available online at our Sign Up Genius website

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